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General catalogue of the manuscripts

By means of this form you can consult the general index of the manuscripts that are mentioned in all the issues of the publication. This index contains the shelfmarks of manuscripts quoted in Scriptorium and Bulletin codicologique.


The general index of manuscripts contains the shelfmarks of the manuscripts as these are mentioned in the publication Scriptorium and in the Bulletin codicologique. These shelfmarks have been submitted to a generalized verification and standardization process. This index does not pretend to provide data on the manuscripts' origins or lineage nor on the possible update of its shelfmarks. Its first aim is to itemize and bring together the bibliographical mentions coming from Scriptorium and/or the Bulletin codicologique and relating to the manuscripts the reader is looking for.

Instructions for use

In selecting the countries, cities and institutions, the reader must respect the spelling of the scroll lists in order to standardize and optimize his search.
The “Country” field is optional if the town you are looking for has been correctly spelled and located.
The country must be entered in French only.
The “Town” must be entered in its original language. This field is required.
The names of the archival institutions must be entered in their original language or in their official abbreviation.
In order to optimize the search, we strongly recommend you refer to the names available in the standard list of towns and archival institutions.
The complete or partial classification mark of the manuscript must be entered in the ad hoc field. The form does not distinguish between upper and lower case (e.g. " a " or " A "). However, Roman and Arab numerals must be respected.

Tips for carrying out a search using a manuscript’s call number : Tips

Standard list of towns and archival institutions

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The number of references obtained is followed by a list of each of these references, composed successively of the country, the town, the archival institution, the shelfmark, the year of the Scriptorium journal and sends you to the issue of the Bulletin codicologique (B), the page in Scriptorium (p.) or to a plate (illustration) in the journal (pl.).