Scriptorium is the international journal of mediaeval manuscript studies. It is a biannual and multilingual publication that essentially deals with codicology, the cultural context and the bibliography relating to European mediaeval manuscripts. For more information...

The Bulletin codicologique

The Bulletin codicologique is the bibliography about medieval manuscripts studies and the second part of Scriptorium. Every year, 550 reviews of articles and recent publications dedicated to European mediaeval manuscripts are published in it. For more information...

Scriptorium online

Online tools for the study of European medieval manuscripts and the index published in Scriptorium are available on the website. For more information...

Journal in Open Access

The journal Scriptorium and the Bulletin codicologique have been digitized. The volumes are available on the digital library Persé with a five years moving wall. All volumes until 2012 are now online, the following five volumes are currently being processed.


Publishing of the journal Scriptorium - Bulletin codicologique

Volumes 1 and 2 of 2021 are now published - Table of contents
The Covid-19 pandemic disrupted the journal's publication schedule; we are doing our utmost to make up for lost time.

New data added in the database

Bibliographic metadata from reviews published in the volume 2021 of Bulletin codicologique have been added.


All volumes of the journal Scriptorium and the Bulletin codicologique between 1946 and 2012 are available on Persée.