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This form allows you to search the database according to different parameters: author, title or words in the title, etc.
Its principle allows you to complete one or more fields according to the elements you possess.
The Boolean operator AND is automatic.
For an edition or a translation of a text, type the title of the work in the "Title" field and/or the name of the author in the "author" field.

Search simulation

Example: you wish to know if the database includes works or articles on the Golden Fleece:

  • Type the words "golden fleece" in the "Title" (or words in the title) field ;
  • Launch the search by clicking on the "Search" button.

When there is only one response, the response form is directly displayed.

When there is a multiple response, the response is given in two stages:

  • An active windows will display the author or the scientific editor(s), followed by the beginning of the title.
  • A complete bibliographic record
  • The response form has four buttons that allow you to: go to the next page, return to the previous page, go back to the search result or go back to the search form.

When there is a negative response, the page displays " No result " and has a " Continue " button that takes you back to the search form.