The index and the online tools aim to promote the research about medieval manuscripts and to render the European Middle Ages written culture accessible on the Internet.

Index of the journal

  • A list of the archival institutions listed in Scriptorium and the Bulletin codicologique.
  • The Tables of contents of Scriptorium.
  • An alphabetical table aof the reviewers and their contribution(s) to Bulletin codicologique.
  • The Analytical Index of Scriptorium and Bulletin codicologique.

Electronic resources

CICweb : Online Medieval Manuscript Guide / Wallonia – Brussels

CICweb is a collective inventory of medieval manuscripts held in the museums, archives services and libraries (except for the federal institutions) in Wallonia and Brussels. More than 1300 manuscript descriptions are online.

Iconographic index of illuminated manuscripts from the Royal Library of Belgium

This tool gathers the three index published in the book written by Camille Gaspar & Frédéric Lyna, Les principaux manuscrits à peintures de la Bibliothèque royale de Belgique. : bibliographic database of the journal Scriptorium and the Bulletin codicologique is a bibliographic database which contains references to articles and plates from Scriptorium and records of the publications reviewed in the Bulletin codicologique (1983-2017) and the articles published in Scriptorium (shortly). New issues are gradually catalogued in the collection. The search form allows you to search in the database according to different parameters: keywords or manuscript shelfmarks.

Search by keywords
Search by manuscript

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